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Continuing medical education (CME) 


•Continuing medical education (CME) consists of educational activities that serve to maintain, develop or increase the knowledge, skills and professional performance of a doctor.
•ICID is the source for latest trends, best practices and innovations in implication of  clinical immunology knowledge and management for primary immunodeficiency diseases by inviting the key lecturer in this filed and it would be appropriate particularly for pediatricians, infectious diseases specialists, clinical immunologists and allergologists.
•Need assessment for educational topics in the ICID were defined by an expert committee of research center for immunodeficiency ( to cover following issues: most frequent primary immunodeficiency diseases, diseases with highest mortality and morbidity and diseases with appropriate screening and therapeutic methods and disease with a multitude clinical manifestations leading to delayed diagnosis and mismanagement.
•Beyond medical school and housemanship, each doctor needs to keep himself or herself current with changes in medicine generally and in areas relevant to his own practice in particular. Patients and society at large also want to be assured that the doctors they consult are practising up-to-date medicine and offering them good quality care.
•All fully and conditionally registered doctors renewing their practising certificates (PCs) are required to meet the compulsory CME requirements for their CME qualifying period(s) before their PCs are renewed and the CME certificate of ICID will be annonced as soon as possible.
•ICID director team confirm that all the educational material is free of any form of  advertising and any form of  bias and that the event complies with the applicable national rules, regulations and industry standards regarding exhibition areas where companies are permitted to present their products



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