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شهر سلامت دستگاه ماساژور دستگاه بخور دستگاه فشارسنج

Scientific Programm

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14th International Congress of Immunodeficiency Diseases (ICID)

Scientific Program

April 26 -27, 2023

Time: 16:00-20:00 (Tehran time), 12:30-16:30 (GMT)

April 26, Wednesday 

12:30-12:40 GMT (16:00-16:10 Tehran time)

Opening session

Nima Rezaei, Iran

12:40-13:00 GMT (16:10-16:30 Tehran time)

The human genetic and immunological determinants of life-threatening COVID-19

Jean-Laurent Casanova, USA

13:00-13:20 GMT (16:30-16:50 Tehran time)

Challenges and limitations of alloHSCT for inborn errors of immunity

Shahrzad Bakhtiar, Germany

13:20-13:40 GMT (16:50-17:10 Tehran time)

Approach to agammaglobulinemia

Vassilios Lougaris, Italy

13:40-14:00 GMT (17:10-17:30 Tehran time)

Characteristics of genetic background of severe COVID-19 complication in inborn errors of immunity

Hassan Abolhassani, Sweden

14:00-14:20 GMT (17:30-17:50 Tehran time)

When and how to use genetic testing for inborn errors of immunity?

Kathleen Sullivan, USA

14:20-14:40 GMT (17:50-18:10 Tehran time)

Approach to NK cell deficiency

Jordan S. Orange, USA

14:40-15:00 GMT (18:10-18:30 Tehran time)


15:00-15:20 GMT (18:30-18:50 Tehran time)

Protein-losing enteropathy and immune deficiency

Ahmet Özen, Turkey

15:20-15:40 GMT (18:50-19:10 Tehran time)

Autoimmunity in CD19 deficiency

Ismail Reisli, Turkey

15:40-16:00 GMT (19:10-19:30 Tehran time)

Human host factors in severe viral diseases

Anne Puel, France

16:00-16:20 GMT (19:30-19:50 Tehran time)

Immune dysregulation in inborn errors of immunity

Troy R. Torgerson, USA

16:20-16:30 GMT (19:50-20:00 Tehran time)

April 27, Thursday

12:30-12:45 GMT (16:00-16:15 Tehran time)

HSCT in patients with inborn errors of immunity

Andrew Gennery, UK

12:45-13:00 GMT (16:15-16:30 Tehran time)

Clinical analysis of patients with hypogammaglobulinemia

Esther de Vries, the Netherlands

13:00-13:15 GMT (16:30-16:45 Tehran time)

Predictors of early death in untransplanted CID patients

Waleed Al-Herz, Kuwait

13:15-13:30 GMT (16:45-17:00 Tehran time)

Organization problems of PID sector of health

Sevan Iritsyan, Armenia

13:30-13:45 GMT (17:00-17:15 Tehran time)

Virus-induced venouse thrombosis in immunocompetence patients

Marina Dotsenko, Belarus 

13:45-14:00 GMT (17:15-17:30 Tehran time)

Microbiota, probiotics and inborn errors of immunity

Hamid Ahanchian, Mashhad, Iran

14:00-14:15 GMT (17:30-17:45 Tehran time)

Hard palate mass in a 7-year-old girl with DOCK8

Morteza Fallahpour, Tehran, Iran

14:15-14:30 GMT (17:45-18:00 Tehran time)

Assessment of the first presentations of common variable immunodeficiency in a large cohort of patients

Hossein Esmaeilzade, Shiraz, Iran

14:30-14:45 GMT (18:00-18:15 Tehran time)

Functional αß T cells and late onset immunological conditions in human with rare or common inherited pre-TCR-α

Mahnaz Sadeghi-Shabestari, Tabriz, Iran

14:45-15:00 GMT (18:15-18:30 Tehran time)

Evaluation of SAD

Kian Darabi, Tehran, Iran

15:00-15:15 GMT (18:30-18:45 Tehran time)

Approach to HLH

Maryam Khoshkhoei, Mashhad, Iran

15:15-15:30 GMT (18:45-19:00 Tehran time)

New advanced in HSCT for inborn errors of immunity

Samin Sharafian, Tehran, Iran

15:30-15:45 GMT (19:00-19:15 Tehran time)

Rheumatologic manifestation in PID patients

Marzieh Tavakol, Karaj, Iran

15:45-16:00 GMT (19:15-19:30 Tehran time)

Skin disorders are prominent features in primary immunodeficiency diseases

Marzieh Asgharyan, Tehran, Iran

16:00-16:15 GMT (19:30-19:45 Tehran time)

Recurrent viral infections in primary immunodeficiencies

Sepide Daroogar, Tehran, Iran

16:15-16:25 GMT (19:45-19:55 Tehran time)

Polyarteritis nodosa like vasculitis and severe neutropenia, two distinct phenotypes of adenosine

Anahita Razaghian, Tehran, Iran

16:25-16:35 GMT (19:55-20:05 Tehran time)

RAG2 deficiency: a case report

Sima Shokri, Tehran, Iran

16:35-16:45 GMT (20:05-20:15 Tehran time)

A teenage girl with chronic submandibular lymphadenopathy, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and leukopenia

Sarehalsadat Ebrahimi, Tehran, Iran





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